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The backpack is brilliant, fun, and exciting all at once, my son even wants to wear it at breakfast.  He loves that he can clip his favourite animal toy to the strap too!  I am in awe of how many fantastic features it has, it has made a big difference  in our household and everyday tasks that are normally quite difficult have become much easier.

Susan Cummings, Melbourne, AUS


As a parent of a child with Autism, I find at times I am on edge, wary of certain triggers, pre-empting tantrums, turning down any sort of invitation that might come my way in hope of protecting my child from a melt-down or being excluded, to be honest saving myself the judgement. The Bustle backpack has honestly helped me manage what I used to refer to as the volcanic roar and now even going to the grocery store is not only a possibility, but an enjoyable experience.  

Jeff Mannings, Double Bay, NSW


My daughter had such terrible anxiety that she needed an aid to help her walk to and from activities while at school and at home – Now with the Bustle pack she is slowly learning to walk by herself, I am so grateful for a product that has ultimately changed the life for not only my daughter, but my whole family as well. Thankyou.

Nat Harrop, Durack, Qldbustle-circle