Helping people conquer challenges in everyday life is something I have always felt very passionate about. After teaching for 8 years and building my skills and understandings, predominantly in special education, I saw a need to create a functional bag that could assist with overcoming some of the difficulties associated with autism, anxiety and special needs.  With a love of working with children with special needs and an eagerness to assist them with their own resilience tools, I founded BUSTLE Bags.

imagesinuiufedAfter the creation of BUSTLE a team of designers and researchers, with the help of therapists, business consultants, and families, collaborated and worked to further develop the prototype into the product you see today. The concept into reality, is a product that helps children function betterback-pak-sepia in their everyday lives.


We sell a backpack designed for students with sensory processing difficulties. It has several features, such as clasps on the straps to attach sensory tools, specially designed ‘hugging’ padded straps to mimic a compression vest, a reinforced durable bottom with a zipper compartment that is waterproof, two adjustable sternum straps with buckles for extra stability, a clear pouch for an ID tag or daily schedule on the front to let your child customise the bag and many more brilliant features.  And it looks seriously stylin' too!backpackerrrr



BUSTLE will always strive to support wellbeing and resilience. We will listen to our customers to understand their individual needs and wants, while continually working to keep up with the changes in the special education space to better serve our customers.