• Australia's first-ever backpack designed with tools to empower people with Autism, Anxiety and Special Needs.


‘To move or act with a great show of energy’

 BUSTLE aims to create functional bags to break down some of the barriers associated with Autism, Anxiety and Special Needs, helping people conquer challenges in everyday life.  With specially designed velour ‘hugging’ padded straps, secure hip belt, adjustable sternum straps, ergonomic top grab handle and clasps for extra stability and to attach sensory toys. The BUSTLE Pack is designed to ease anxiety, help maintain balance and body awareness,  reduce tactile defensiveness, self-injury behaviour and repetitive body movement, which allows children to complete everyday daily tasks






We work to promote a simple, yet effective, design, and are relentlessly committed to providing affordable and beneficial bags that assist people with a range of abilities and those who support them.